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Are you considering an apprenticeship?

With almost two openings for every person looking for work, US companies are increasingly tapping high school students for skilled jobs. As a result, apprenticeships are seeing a renaissance after failing to gain a foothold over the past few decades. About 214,000 people age 16 to 24 were in apprenticeships in 2022, more than double the amount a decade ago, according to July data from the US Department of Labor. Companies in sectors such as health care and insurance have launched apprenticeship programs—even tech and finance companies, including Inc. and Mastercard Inc., have joined in.


Search local apprenticeship opportunities in the trades

IBEW #575.  

Why become a Union Electrical Worker?

  • Earn while you learn
    Why pay high tuition costs when you can earn while you learn! Apprentices start earning a livable wage as soon as they start working. They receive pay advancements throughout their apprenticeship.

  • Great employment opportunities
    The industry employs over 650,000 electrical workers and 70,000 electrical contracting firms and produces an annual volume of over $95 billion.

  • State-of-the-art training
    Our goal is to provide the highest quality training in the electrical industry. Apprentices are provided trade-related classroom training that produces competency and pride that lead to true craftsmanship. And, Union programs graduate about three times as many apprentices to journeyman status as do non-union programs.

  • Equal opportunity for all
    Enrollment of minorities in union apprentice programs is about three times the number enrolled in non-union programs, and there are four times as many women enrolled in union training. Graduation rates of minorities and women from union apprentice programs are three times that of non-union programs. The all-trades graduation rate for union apprentice programs is 82.2 percent, compared with 17.8 percent for non-union programs.


Carpenters Local Union #437

This apprenticeship is a four-year program that gives you a solid education, in the classroom and on the job. You learn the best techniques—from the most experienced craftsmen and women in the field—building a foundation that will help you be successful throughout your career. You won’t go into debt getting your education either, in fact, you’ll make money throughout your apprenticeship.

IKORCC apprenticeships offer a direct path to a rewarding career and a financially solid future. Financial security, high-demand careers, pride in your skills, and a sense of community: the IKORCC apprenticeship delivers it all in a comprehensive, highly respected program.

Benefits of the Carpenters’ Apprenticeship Program

  • All apprenticeship classes, training and associate degree college credit earned during the program are provided at no cost to the student

  • Earn from 60 to 95 percent of the journey-level wage during the apprenticeship program. Wage rates range from $29 – 35 / hour.

  • Gain union benefits after 90 days in the program

  • Receive on-the-job training with experienced journeymen

  • Learn from seasoned instructors with years of field experience in their respective fields

  • Pursue a college degree during the apprenticeship program

  • Receive certification in the particular course of study selected

Plumber and Pipefitters Local Union #577  



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